The Cherokee Nation Tribal Council confirmed the appointment of T. Luke Barteaux as a district judge for the Cherokee Nation during its regular meeting on Monday.

Barteaux's appointment comes after the passing of former District Judge C. Bart Fite. As an attorney, Barteaux's practices have included divorce, family law litigation, child custody and visitation, adoption, juvenile law and other areas. Barteaux was sworn in by Supreme Court Justice John Garrett.

The council reappointed Amber George as a member of the Board of Cherokee Nation Foundation, and Dan Carter as a board member of Cherokee Nation Businesses, LLC.

The board also confirmed the nomination of Wilfred Gernandt III as a governing board member of the Cherokee Nation Comprehensive Care Agency.

In other business, the council authorized the renewal of a grant of easement for right of way on an existing natural gas line to Oklahoma Natural Gas for the Cherokee Heights addition.

A tribal waiver of sovereign immunity in connection with a software agreement with Municipal Accounting Systems, Inc., was authorized by the council. The agenda was amended to include one item: a resolution authorizing the establishment of a Cherokee Nation conservation district. The resolution, stemming from the triba Resource Committee, was approved.

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