The Cherokee County Commissioners approved a support, service, and maintenance website and email agreement during an April 5 meeting.

Assessor Marsha Trammel said she was advised the courthouse needed a more secure program for emails.

“I thought it would be easier to go through our IT people, AF3 Technical Solutions,” said Trammel. “The $1,200 is supposed to be for the whole year and they’re supposed to be way more secure than what we have right now.”

The board approved several lease agreements and lease purchases for upgraded equipment.

Approval of a water line easement from the county to the city of Tahlequah was granted.

“This easement is going to run on the south end of the Community Building, right next to Southwestern Bell’s fence, and it’s going to run water off College [Avenue]. There’s a lot to keep them from going up and tearing up all of Fourth Street, and I don’t see an issue with it and it won’t affect us,” said District 3 Commissioner Clif Hall.

Renee McKnight from Legal Shield discussed various legal services. McKnight said she would like for county employees to be educated and understand the coverage.

“Most people want the protection if they get named in a lawsuit or on the job, and it protects you guys as a county,” said McKnight. “It’s a great way to protect your employees, and I try to do that.”

The board agreed each department will discuss the matter with employees before contacting McKnight for her services.

A juvenile detention/ transportation claim for $606 was approved. Claims, purchase orders, appropriations, and transfers were also approved. The approval of payroll was tabled until April 13 at 9 a.m.

What’s next

The next Board of Cherokee County Commissioners meeting is Monday, April 19, at 9 a.m. at the Cherokee County Courthouse.

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