The Cherokee County Board of County Commissioners approved pay raises of about 2.4 percent a year for themselves and the county's five other elected officials.

Commissioners at their Sept. 3 meeting gave the nod to pay adjustments for themselves – Doug Hubbard, District 1; Mike Brown, District 2; and Clif Hall, District 3 – along with County Assessor Marsha Trammel, County Clerk Cheryl Trammel, District Court Clerk Lesa Rousey, and County Treasurer Patsy Stafford. With the announced retirement of Sheriff Norman Fisher, interim Sheriff Jason Chennault would be eligible for the adjustment.

Hubbard said this will be the first actual adjustment in 16 years, though the officials often get cost-of-living adjustments, which he says have been less than 1 percent a year. The elected officials currently make about $54,288, which factors in county property value and population. The new salaries would be $55,587.50.

“We’ve always had the ability to do this, but we didn’t do it. Salaries are a big deal now, so the auditor sent us a letter saying if we wanted to adjust our salaries, this was the time to do it, because we have a new law coming in,” said Hubbard.

He said all county employees are normally given cost-of-living raises, but since there hasn’t been one in awhile that would include the officials, their salaries are at least 16 years old.

Hall motioned while Brown seconded.

The commissioners also approved a memorandum of agreement between the Cherokee Nation and Cherokee County.

Assistant District Attorney Andy Williams said the language was changed, and they could proceed with the old business.

“We found a compromise they can live with that covered us,” said Williams.

Rosetta Osburn and Karen Dye requested a partial release of easement of a lot lying south of an existing county road. Hall said it was a private driveway that the county never maintained. Commissioners approved the request.

Approval of a resolution for county road machinery and equipment revolving fund was granted.

What’s next

The next meeting is Monday, Sept, 16 at 9 a.m. in the Cherokee County Courthouse.

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