The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners, during a June 1 meeting, approved a bid for the Tahlequah Fire Department to purchase a rescue/shallow water vessel.

District 1 Commissioner Doug Hubbard said the $30,400 bid was from First Responder Boats LLC.

“We have a boat, motor, a trailer, and accessories. It’s from First Responder Boats LLC, and they have all of the documentation here,” said District 1 Commissioner Doug Hubbard.

Commissioners took no action for a juvenile detention services agreement between SAC and Fox Nation and the commissioners. Assistant District Attorney Andy Williams advised the board to strike the item, since the tribe hasn’t contacted him. During a May 18 meeting, Sheriff Jason Chennault said there was wording in the agreement with which Assistant District Attorney Andy Williams didn’t agree.

“It had to do with dispute resolution. If we have any disputes with them, then they wanted it settled in their tribal court,” said Chennault.

During a May 4 meeting, Williams said he wanted more time to look over the contract before he made a decision.

“There’s some language in here that we agree that needs to be submitted to the jurisdiction of the second Fox Nation’s Tribal Courts, and we don’t do that typically,” Williams said. “We don’t enter agreements that require binding arbitration either. We always want to reserve our rights to trial in the state of Oklahoma courts.”

The board gave its nod to a lease Old County Barn to Trey Pierce for $1,000 every three months until June 2021.

“We made up a least agreement and it went to Andy. He told us to add a few things and we added them,” said Hubbard.

District 2 Commissioner Mike Brown’s request for an agreement to work on private property with John Mitchell was approved.

“This is the Lost City shelter school area, and we’ve got an easement right now alongside the school back to the shelter, but we have no parking back there,” said Brown. “The parking would be in the old football part, and all we’re doing is extending the easement out to the parking area so we can put some gravel down so people will have a place to turn around.”

What’s next

The next Board of Cherokee County Commissioners meeting is Monday, June 15 at 9 a.m. at the Cherokee County Courthouse.

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