Got big plans for that state income tax refund check?

They may not be successful if you owe the court system some money. Cherokee County Court Clerk Shirley Glory said Friday her office will intercept state tax refunds going to people who owe fines and court costs on traffic tickets and felony and misdemeanor cases.

Charlotte Davis, the costs administrator for Glory’s office, said the office is owed over $1.7 million.

“That’s where people have pleaded in cases and been set up on payments,” Davis said.

Glory warns that those behind on payments, haven’t made payments or the non-payment has resulted in a bench warrant being issued for arrest, need not wait at the mailbox for that state tax refund. She said people have more than one way to determine whether their refund has been targeted for interception.

“They can come by or call the office [456-0691] or go online at, if they have Internet access,” Glory said. “The computer will tell them what’s owed.”

If one tax refund check doesn’t cover all that’s owed, future checks will be intercepted until the debt is clear. If one refund check is more than the total owed, the difference will be sent to the taxpayer.

People owing court costs on protective orders can come in the office and clear that debt by paying half the amount owed in cash during January. Those that wait until next month can expect to pay the full amount.


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