Bids will be solicited soon for equipment to enhance security at the Cherokee County Courthouse.

An agenda item for the county’s board of commissioners called for discussion on recommendations for how to spend grant money for security. Undersheriff Jason Chennault told the commissioners the grant is for approximately $25,000.

He said the sheriff’s office has considered using the funds to update security cameras and a new monitor. Pnic buttons for the various county offices are also a possibility. Chennault said the buttons would sound at 911, who could then notify law enforcement agencies of a potential problem. Prices on the equipment are not known, and Chennault said, if possible, some metal detector wands would be purchased.

The board voted Monday to approve a developmental plat for Kendall Estates presented by Justin Buford.

Casey Baker was approved as an alternate for the county’s firefighter tax advisory board. He will be an alternate for Fire Chief Ray Hammons. Jerry Hammons was approved as an alternate for the Illinois River Area Volunteer Fire Department.

Approval was given to remove a security system from Cookson VFD’s inventory and a plotter from the assessor’s office. The commissioners also agreed to renew the Hope House building lease.

What’s next

The next regular meeting of the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners will be Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 9 a.m. in the second-floor conference room at the Cherokee County Courthouse.


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