Cherokee County prosecutors and the attorney for a Tahlequah club owner agreed earlier this week to revocation of the club’s beer license for six months.

A court order filed Wednesday afternoon states Billy R. Weavel, doing business as Yog’s Cubby Hole Bar and Recreation, has violated the terms of the beer license, as alleged in the state’s application to revoke the license.

Both attorneys agreed the license should be revoked. Special District Judge Sandy Crosslin’s order states Weavel can reapply for the license in six months.

First Assistant District Attorney Donovan Dobbs alleged in an application that people under 21 were buying beer at the club. Several Tahlequah police officers, as well as agents from the Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission, were set to testify concerning compliance checks performed on the club and the results of those checks.

Weavel has been charged in district court with selling beer to people under 21 years of age. He is represented by Tim Baker, a local attorney.

Edgar Yidi, a former NSU police officer and former DA investigator, has filed an application for a beer license at the Cubby Hole location. A hearing is set May 25 to determine whether the license will be issued.