Cherokee County Governmental Building Authority members were updated on jail operations during a May 20 meeting.

Jail administrator T.J. Girdner said the facility is continuing to operate as it has been since the COVID-19 outbreak.

"We've had no COVID-19 positives come through the facility that we know of," said Girdner. "We started loosening some of our stranglehold, I guess, letting the guys in the back out a bit more during the day. But that's about it, and we still hold pretty tight."

Girdner said the jail is still operating on a felony status, and that has been working well thus far.

During the administrative report, Girdner said there were 65 people in jail that morning - 50 men and 10 women. Six were sentenced to the Department of Corrections and one was sentenced to county time.

February and March monthly reports from Williams and Williams were approved.

Approval of all claims, purchase orders, blanket P.O.s, appropriations and transfers was granted.

What's next

The next GBA meeting is June 3 at 9 a.m. in the Cherokee County Detention Center.

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