Dousing the flames: Company donates time, equipment to install sprinkler system for fire department

Keri Thornton | Daily Press

Accurate Fire Equipment Company employee Jess Oslin installed the new sprinkler system in the riser room at the Tahlequah Fire Training Center.

The Tahlequah Fire Training Center recently received a sprinkler system for training purposes for their department and other departments across the state.

An eight-man crew with Accurate Fire Equipment Company spent Saturday, July 18, at the Tahlequah Fire Training Center installing a brand new sprinkler system.

"They volunteered to donate their time and equipment to put in this riser room and it's going to help the training here for all of the firefighters around the state whenever we do have training," said Tahlequah Fire Chief Casey Baker.

A riser room is a technical room wherein the fire sprinkler riser is set up and controlled.

"It basically trains fighters how to operate the sprinkler system and how they would shut them off to minimize the damage from the water," Baker said. "It lets us know how to safely operate them."

Accurate Fire Equipment Company division manager Charles Gipson said his crew was able to complete the installation in roughly 3.5 hours.

"Typical sprinkler system from concept to finished product is anywhere from 2 to 3 months. It goes through a design process and we didn't do that on this one because it's for training only," Gipson said. "Most sprinkler systems are designed and calculated to put out a maximum amount of water to be able to save the structure and lives."

The riser room will consist of eight sprinkler heads that can be set off individually or all at one time.

"There's different styles we put in there for them, so they'll be able to see pretty much everything. Pretty much what we've installed is something that they've got in Tahlequah," Gipson said.

Firefighters are trained with sprinkler systems in the Firefighter 1 Academy, but Baker said he's looking for the specific expert to help TFD get familiar with the new equipment.

"The more advanced in the training you go is the more training you get. What we're going to do is ask Gipson to come down and teach a class on it because this is what he does for a living and he's naturally going to know more about it than me," Baker said.

AFEC partnered with two vendors who donated the material and equipment for the riser room.

"These guys donated this equipment and they donated their time to come down and we are very appreciative for it," Baker said. "It just shows the kind of generosity that some of these companies do and helped out departments across the state."

Gipson said the total estimated cost for the system -- material and labor -- would be $10,000.

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