A scheduled sentencing hearing Thursday morning was delayed in Cherokee County District Court.

Leonard Jason Wilkins, 34, was to appear before Chief District Judge Bruce Sewell for sentencing on drug possession charges. Two counts of unlawful purchasing or acquiring pseudoephedrine were also on the list of cases set for disposition.

Wilkins consulted with defense attorney Donn Baker before the start of the hearing, and Baker then asked Sewell that a new sentencing date be set. Sewell obliged; the hearing will be at 10 a.m. Jan. 4.

Wilkins, who was previously placed on probation on other felony drug possession charges, is free on bond. Records show he has waived his preliminary hearings.

One of the cases is a possession charge filed in July after his arrest by Tahlequah police. The pseudoephedrine counts were also filed after a TPD investigation. Another case, two counts of possession of a controlled drug, was filed in August after Wilkins’ arrest by Sheriff’s Deputy Terry King.

The sentencing hearing also included an August 2005 endeavoring to manufacture a controlled drug and possession of a controlled drug case, filed following a District 27 drug task force investigation.

Other drug possession cases were to be dismissed on a recommendation by prosecutors. The dismissal was contingent on court costs being paid, and court costs are still owed on those cases.

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