Fuel sales at the Tahlequah airport were much improved over a year ago, airport board members were told Tuesday.

Airport Manager Greg Blish said jet fuel sales in February were at $13,694.53 and av-gas sales were at $5,546.22, for total fuel sales of $19,240.75 for the month.

Blish said the facility was still “fairly busy” despite the weather in February. Snow was on the ground for several days in February.

Fuel sales at the airport totaled $11,863.59 in February 2010.

Blish said av-gas currently sells for $4.39 a gallon and jet fuel for $4.25.

“It’s usually a dollar to a $1.10 more than automobile gas,” he told board members.

Blish also told the board he intends to discuss the 2011 National Er Coupe Convention with them next month. Tahlequah will be hosting the event June 16-19. He said the event should draw 150-200 people and 70-80 planes.

Blish said the engineer for airport improvement projects is also expected to be at the next meeting.


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