A local man was arrested after Cherokee County sheriff's investigators seized almost 310 grams of methamphetamine from his residence.

On Aug. 27, law enforcement with the sheriff’s office executed a state search warrant at 16283 N. Oakdale Drive in Tahlequah.

Investigator Brad Baker said he knocked on the door and announced it was the sheriff’s office, but no one answered. Law enforcement agents entered the residence and found Charley Buckhorn heating up a smoking device with a blow torch. He was placed in handcuffs until investigators cleared the rest of the house.

Baker found a handbag that contained a first-aid kit. The kit had a “large rock” of methamphetamine, along with a bag of marijuana and a digital scale.

Buckhorn was driving an ATV with his daughter in the woods next to the house. They were escorted to the residence.

Investigator R. Berry found a container with a large amount of meth in the ceiling of a room. Before leaving, he found a bag of meth lying on the ground in front of his patrol vehicle, where Buckhorn and his daughter were standing.

The daughter said Buckhorn had thrown the bag on the ground before he was taken to jail.

An ongoing probe led investigators to the warrant, which resulted in the drug bust. Buckhorn was transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center on aggravated trafficking charges.

The man found inside the residence was released.

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