Two juveniles have been apprehended by police in connection with a pair of auto thefts and some vandalism.

Officer Brad Robertson, Tahlequah Police Department spokesman said the juveniles are boys from Park Hill and were initially spotted by sheriff’s deputies on an unrelated matter. They were allegedly walking in the Felts Park area and took a delivery truck from Aaron’s Sales and Lease Ownership. They drove the truck to the area of the Sanitation Department where they switched drivers.

Robertson said the truck was run into a ditch and the boys went back to Aaron’s and vandalized a second truck. They also allegedly attempted to take a car at Brackett’s Garage that was there for work.

Robertson said officers also allege the juveniles grabbed a bag of groceries when they saw the groceries being unloaded from a vehicle. An attempt was also made to take a vehicle stored inside a fence at Tahlequah Import Service after they scaled the fence.

He said the suspects went to Hensley Auto Sales and broke into the office there before stealing a vehicle and running that one into a ditch as well.

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