Two local legislators were honored Friday for their service to law enforcement.

State Rep. Mike Brown and State Sen. Jim Wilson were presented with certificates of appreciation by Sheriff Norman Fisher. The certificates were prepared by the Oklahoma Sheriffs Association.

“Jim and Mike do a lot to help law enforcement around here and across the state,” Fisher said. “They ask for our input on bills they consider that will have an effect on law enforcement and/or county government.”

The sheriff said the OSA is also appreciative of the various legislators and sent certificates to all sheriffs to present to their local delegation.

“So many times, we don’t let them know we appreciate the job they do for us in Oklahoma City,” he said. “I’m also glad that they want to hear what we think about certain issues.”

Wilson and Brown also said they like the job the sheriff’s office is doing in Cherokee County.

Fisher said he knows he can pick up the phone and call Wilson and Brown and get their help on local efforts as well as at the state capitol.

“That’s important that you can do that,” he said. “They always remember that we’re all in office to help the people in Cherokee County.”


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