Two lawsuits against a former city employee were dismissed after an equal employment opportunity claim was filed.

According to the settlement agreement, the city of Tahlequah alleged that former City Finance Director Danya Curtis was indebted due to a breach of contract.

During December Tahlequah Educational Facilities Authority meeting and the Tahlequah Public Facilities Authority meeting, approval was granted to file a small claims suit against Curtis, in her capacity as an accountant, for payment of services not rendered.

Curtis filed a claim against the city through the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Charge. The Daily Press reached out to Curtis for clarification on the matter, but she declined to comment.

The city agreed to dismiss the two lawsuits with prejudice, while Curtis agreed to dismiss the EEOC claim.

According to the affidavit, Curtis claimed she didn’t observe any form of discrimination by the city of Tahlequah.

In August 2019, Curtis – whose salary was $63,718 plus benefits – was put on paid administrative leave by Mayor Sue Catron, pending a probe into the city's finances. Catron said concerns about financial problems had been brought to her attention, but didn't specify what those were at the time.

Curtis received a letter of termination on Oct. 7.

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