James Michael McClure

A man was arrested after he made a threat that the sheriff would get "a bullet in the head," and that "something" was going to happen to a judge.

On Aug. 9, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Chute was dispatched to 19028 E. 840 Road on a report of a 911 hang-up call. Dispatchers said James Michael McClure had called the emergency number and said, “The sheriff or one of the other ones are going to receive a bullet in their head.”

McClure did not give a name, but Norman Fisher is Cherokee County sheriff.

Chute said the front door was locked, but he could see McClure through a window. The suspect would not answer the door for the deputy.

A short time later, dispatchers told Chute that McClure had called again, and this time he said, “Something will happen to Judge Huggins, but unsure when or what.”

The reference was apparently to Special District Judge Gary Huggins, who normally operates in Wagoner County.

McClure called two more times before Chute and Deputy Jarrod Rye came back to his residence. He would still not answer the front door for them. They contacted the property manger, who let them in the trailer. Chute said there were two whiskey bottles and a case of beer in the room where McClure was found.

McClure was transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked for misuse of a 911 line.

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