A report of threats being made sent a Cherokee County sheriff's deputy to check out the situation.

On Aug. 11, Deputy Nick Chute was dispatched to 21112 E. 613 Road to the report of a threats call. Rosalena O’Field said the suspect was making threats toward her and her family. She said he showed up and said he was going to burn her house down; then, he left. O'Field also left and met deputies down the road.

Dispatch told Chute that Snail came back to the residence and was armed with a knife. O’Field’s grandson said he was walking near the house when the suspect pulled the knife on him. Chute found Snail at the residence when he arrived and detained him for safety purposes. He patted the suspect down and found a hunting/combat knight in his waistband.

Snail also had a bottle of gasoline and approximately 46.7 grams of marijuana on him. He allegedly admitted to deputes he told O’Field that he was going to burn her house down, but that he was only joking and would never act on it.

He was taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked for two counts of threats to perform an act of violence and possession of marijuana.