A 74-year-old Tahlequah man was killed after the SUV he was driving was struck and rolled four times.

On June 29, Michael Miller was driving northbound on State Highway 51 when he was hit by a Toyota. A witness said Sarah Wright was driving east on Fourth Street when her car stalled in the middle of the intersection. As Miller was entering the intersection, Wright took off and hit the driver's rear side of the SUV, causing it to flip.

Wright told Tahlequah Police Officer Brian Powers that her car stalled because it ran out of gas, and she was afraid she was going to get hit after the light turned red. She was able to get the car to start and drove forward, striking the SUV. Her child was not injured and she agreed to take a blood test at the hospital.

Miller was taken to Tahlequah Municipal Airport and was airlifted to St. Francis in Tulsa, where he died.

Wright's blood test was booked into evidence at the Tahlequah Police Department and will be submitted to the OSBI.