Law enforcement

Tahlequah Police Officers, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputies and Cherokee Nation Marshals pulled over a truck on Bertha Parker Bypass and Highway 82 on Friday.

Cherokee County sheriff's deputies, Tahlequah Police officers and Cherokee Nation marshals arrested a man after he pointed a gun at a group of people and stole a truck.

Deputy Zach Adams was called to 14365 W. 728 Road to take a report of a stolen truck belonging to Abel Jimenez. He told deputies that Miguel Hernandez was at a birthday party and pointed a gun at several people after a confrontation.

Witnesses said over 50 people were at the party and that Hernandez was upset with a friend over a separate incident. They said he then pulled out a Glock handgun and magazine and threatened to shoot. Everyone in the immediate area began fighting Hernandez and tried to get the gun from him. He was able to break free, then ran to Jimenez’s truck and threw the gun before jumping in.

As he was leaving, he struck another vehicle, causing significant damage. Officers were advised to be on the lookout for the Chevrolet pickup, and they tracked it down on Bertha Parker Bypass and State Highway 82.

Hernandez and his brother both smelled of alcohol and had trouble keeping their balance. They were placed in the back of patrol cars while the truck was searched. Officers found a handgun magazine in the floorboard of the truck, but were unable to find the gun itself.

Hernandez was arrested and taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center, while his brother was released to his mother.