Four Tahlequah police officers were among a group of officers from across the state honored recently for their traffic safety efforts.

The officers were part of a ceremony in Tulsa for the annual Buckle Down awards, said Police Chief Steve Farmer.

Officers Zack Hendrix, Kenny Barnes and Chris Smith joined Sgt. David Huffman as the TPD honorees. Farmer said the local officers were chosen for consideration for the Buckle Down awards because of their performance during 2005.

Hendrix was honored for occupancy protection (seat belts and car seats) because his 41 citations led the TPD in that category. Barnes tallied 43 DUI arrests to lead that category and receive an award for DUIs. Smith’s achievement was in impaired driving other than DUIs with 38 arrests and Huffman was selected for overall traffic enforcement with 173 contacts.

Farmer said all of the officers did a good job in traffic enforcement during the last year, but the four officers chosen for the awards led their respective categories. Several local officers are nominated and win Buckle Down awards each year.

The awards were presented Feb. 16.