Local law enforcement officials say the cause of death of a 3-month-old girl isn't being considered suspicious.

On Nov. 23, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy James Carver was dispatched to Acuff Avenue on a report of a possible death of a child. Tahlequah Police Officer Kyle Reed was performing CPR on the infant at the time, and Sgt. Bryan Qualls advised the parents were in the front yard.

The child's father, Sammy Duvall, said he was in asleep in bed when his wife, Angel, began screaming about the baby. Duvall said he ran outside because he didn't know what to do.

"Ms. Duvall advised that her son woke her up and she found the baby girl face-down on the bed," Carver said in the report. "She stated she rolled her over and could tell she was not breathing, and started CPR and started yelling for Wanda [Stayathome], her sister, to help her with CPR."

Stayathome helped Angel with CPR while Ricky Aguilar called 911. After Carver was finished speaking with Angel, Northeastern Health System EMT notified her the baby had died.

Sheriff Jason Chennault was notified, and the Medical Examiner's Office and Child Services were contacted. Sammy signed a consent form allowing Carver to search and take photos in the residence.

"Mr. and Ms. Duvall came inside the residence with me and showed me where they were sleeping, and how they [were lying] in the bed with the two children," Carver said.

Sammy said he went to bed around 11 p.m., and both children were asleep. He said he awoke when Angel said the baby wasn't breathing, and he ran outside and called 911.

Angel said she awoke in the middle of the night to feed and change the baby's diaper. She said she laid the baby down, gave her a pacifier, and lay down with her. Angel said her son awoke a few hours later and she put him down, rolled the girl over and noticed she wasn't breathing.

Aguilar said both women performed CPR on the baby while he stayed on the phone with 911.

"While inside the residence, photos were taken of the living arrangement. The residence had no water or electricity running to it.

Inside Mr. and Ms. Duvall's bedroom, the only heat was a small [burner]," Carver said.

The girl's body was released to the funeral home to be transported to Tulsa for an autopsy. Child welfare took custody of the couple's other child.

Chennault said the death isn't being ruled as suspicious.

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