HULBERT – Hulbert Public Works Authority Board of Trustees tabled approving payment to McKee Utility Contractor Thursday night during the regular board meeting.

Concerns were raised about the estimate’s reflection of percentage of work completed. The contractor requested payment of $235,275.29.

“Item 17 requests payment of $35,000 for the lift station,” said Trustee Ed Beckham. “I know for a fact it’s not been tested, and it’s not hooked up. They’re [contractor] showing the item as 100 percent complete.”

HPWA Superintendent Carl Dill admitted the station had not been tested.

Other incomplete items included a phone line and dial-up system for the station; the estimate also showed these as 100 percent complete.

“That’s a total of $42,500,” said Beckham. “That’s a lot of money for work that’s not finished.”

Trustee George Truitt made a motion to table payment for the three items pending an operational inspection. The motion passed unanimously.

Also tabled was a $5,100 payment to engineers Nee, Harvell and Associates P.C., pending outcome of the inspection.

The trustees approved a $7,100 payment to the Eastern Oklahoma Development District.

Hulbert resident Dale Wallace made a claim for reimbursement for the thermocoupler on his kitchen stove, saying HPWA employees damaged it when lighting the pilot during a recent visit.

Dill said he spoke with his employees, and they claimed the pilot and stove were working when they left Wallace’s home.

Following discussion, the board agreed to reimburse Wallace $38 – half the amount of the replacement part – with the condition there would be no loss, limit or liability to HPWA.

Gas charges on HPWA utility bills will now reflect the gas rate from month to month, rather than having a fuel adjustment added to the bill as in the past. The trustees agreed this would eliminate confusion for the customers.

The board of trustees approved hiring a new HPWA employee and, pending the successful completion of pre-employment testing, a new city employee. Both will be under the supervision of Dill.


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