OKLAHOMA CITY – The state’s multicounty grand jury has returned an indictment that will be unsealed in Cherokee County District Court.

Attorney General Drew Edmondson said the panel returned six indictments naming seven individuals. One will be unsealed in Tahlequah, and two others will be unsealed in Wagoner County. The other three indictments will be unsealed in Oklahoma County.

The grand jury closed its January session Thursday. Edmondson said dates for unsealing the indictments have not been set.

District Attorney Richard L. Gray has appeared before the panel, as have members of his staff, including former Assistant District Attorney Janet Bickel, First Assistant District Attorney Donovan Dobbs and Vyrl Keeter.

Clint Johnson, a longtime investigator for the district attorney’s drug task force, and Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Vicky Lyons, also testified before the panel.

It is unknown whether Gray and his staff were targets of the grand jury probe or witnesses against other individuals.

Johnson was terminated earlier this month. Gray said the matter was a personnel issue and he could not elaborate. The termination came within days of Johnson’s receiving a Medal of Valor for his work in narcotics law enforcement.

Johnson was granted doctor-ordered sick leave one day before the termination, and has told reporters he believes he was fired was because of his testimony before the multicounty grand jury.

Attorneys for those indicted will be notified so they can say when they will have their clients in court. Arrangements will also have to be made with judges in the three counties.


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