Marshall the pig

Marshall the pig ran loose in Tahlequah Tuesday and a video of community members trying to catch him has gone viral.

A Tahlequah restaurant captured an ironic moment while it was promoting a new menu item – and social media went hog-wild.

Linney Breaux's is owned by brothers Brandon and Michael Linney, and while they were launching their new Pork Belly Po'Boy Tuesday afternoon, a little pot-bellied pig showed up in the area behind the restaurant.

A video posted on Facebook by Michael Linney showed a group of people running after the swine in an attempt to catch it. The video gained over 67,000 views in less than 24 hours.

Several local residents commented on the video, saying they had seen the porker at various locations in Tahlequah.

As it turned out, Marshall the pig ended up getting caught, and the owners were contacted by Linney.

“He was caught tonight in my neighborhood; we got him in a fenced in yard and safely in a crate,” said Robin Stand on a Facebook comment.

Marshall was returned to his rightful owner Wednesday. That day, OK Travel was at the restaurant filming a lunch segment as part of its series on showcasing restaurants and tourist destinations.

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