Tahlequah Lumber Co. salesman Brian Wagnon explains the benefits of installing new storm doors as part of spring home improvement projects.

Sunshine and milder temperatures often encourage area residents to get out and about for some spring home improvements.

Though spring in Oklahoma can always mean rain and severe weather, the season usually allows for adding on home extensions, replacing a roof, or building an entirely new home with little concern.

The crew at Jerry’s Excavation often sees an increase in work requests as the weather warms up.

“We get more requests for putting in septic tanks,” said Annette True, of Jerry’s Excavation. “Of course, we also do things like building pads for new homes, or preparing waterlines or roads. But a lot of what we’ll do is pads for new homes.”

True said crews stay on top of their requests for work. With a project such as setting a septic tank, she said it may take a week to two weeks to get to the job, considering the workload and the weather conditions.

Tahlequah Lumber Co. Store Manager Bill Kissinger said many customers seem to be holding off, despite recent spring-like weather, on their big home improvement projects. He said many are afraid of a March snow that could hamper the efforts.

“A lot of people will refurbish or build a deck, and if they can beat the rain, maybe make some needed roof repairs,” said Kissinger.

Though one common springtime job is tackling leaking roofs, Kissinger said most locals were prepared for recent snow and wintry precipitation, so he hasn’t seen a large influx of roof repairs.

For those who do need a new roof, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends light roofing colors to help lower cooling costs and to help reduce global warming.

Advancements in manufacturing of storm doors and energy efficient windows in recent years have also urged locals to save a little money on energy costs, he said.

“They’re looking for better energy savings,” said Kissinger. “With new windows, they might start on one side of the house, replace those, and then move on to the other side of the house that way.”

Insulation crews stay busy with new home construction, he said, and many customers come in to rent machinery to do their own insulation, lawn care and other chores.

“A lot of customers will contact us about adding ‘R value’ [of thermal resistance] by adding insulation to the attic,” said Kissinger.

Many homeowners will inspect their home’s exterior, making sure to check the siding.

Mold and cracks can be a sign of a need for a re-paint or board replacement. Some may consider adding a fireplace.

“An indoor-outdoor installment is a great way to enjoy your fireplace year-round,” Bill Wetzel, product manager of Fireplace Systems for Lennox, told StatePoint.

Other residents may choose to expand bathrooms or install a hot tub, and others may consider putting in skylights.


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