Street Department: Roadwork should be finished in days

Keri Thornton | Daily Press

The Stree Department kept busy Friday morning painting crosswalks for the Tahlequah History Trail on First Street.

Road work slated to begin next week may cause some inconvenience for drivers, but the Tahlequah Street Department said all work should be completed within three days.

The eastbound lane of Downing Street will be closed on Monday, June 29, due to the Street Department's laying asphalt.

"We're going to lay asphalt from the stoplight at the Teehee Addition to the stop sign next to EZ Mart," said Street Department Superintendent William "Buddy" Harris. "There will be flagmen for people who need to get into the Teehee Addition, and then of course, for emergency personnel."

Both the eastbound and westbound lanes of Downing Street will be closed Tuesday, June 30.

"They will be rerouted from the end of East Downing Street to Nalley Road and East Ross Street," Harris said.

"It will only be for that one day that people can't use Downing Street."

Harris said he expects that work to last until Wednesday morning.

"We'll have to let that asphalt cool before they can gravel it, but they'll have access from Teehee, in and out, from East Ross Street and then come through Nalley Road," Harris said.

Harris said residents who live on Nalley Road would need to East Ross Street on Monday and Tuesday, since they will be blocked from getting onto Downing Street.

Work has continued sporadically on First Street for the past week, generally with one lane open approaching the stoplight from the east.

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