Saiane Studie, the Tahlequah teenager who allegedly stabbed her stepfather to death on June 25, said she drove to her boyfriend's apartment after "everything went bad."

According the sheriff’s report, the teen drove the victim's truck to Scholars Inn apartments and told her boyfriend she thought she had killed Gary Maize. The boyfriend asked her if she was sure and told her she needed to call the police.

The girl said everything seemed to be going well between her and her stepfather, and then “everything went bad" and she stabbed him.

Maize was purportedly stabbed to death by Studie in Briggs. She told officials she "had to do it in self-defense." However, evidence collected at the scene did not corroborate that claim, said Cherokee County Undersheriff Jason Chennault.

The teen drove a truck belonging to Maize into Tahlequah from the scene and called 911 around 4 p.m. Once investigators arrived at the apartment complex, she refused to speak with anyone, asked for a lawyer, and was arrested.

Deputy Anthony Bowling was dispatched to the residence in Briggs on a report of a stabbing and found Maize’s body in the yard. Bowling checked for a pulse, then followed a trail of blood coming from the body. He said the victim appeared to have been dragged from a different location.

Investigators found the murder weapon lying a few feet away from the body. Investigator Brad Baker said Maize had been stabbed approximately eight to 10 times in the chest, and what looked to be drag marks were on the ground near the body.

Family members told investigators there was no physical abuse between the teen and Maize. According to the report, a family member said Maize had intended to file charges on teen's boyfriend that day. After learning the 15-year-old and her 19-year-old boyfriend were having sex, Maize said he was going to confront her about it.

The report also indicated Studie would get violent, threaten and lash out at family members and that she was put on medication.

Crystal Jackson, an attorney from Oklahoma Indigent Defense System, was appointed to represent Studie. She was arraigned before Associate District Judge Joshua King on a first-degree murder charge on July 9. During her initial appearance, Cherokee County District Court Assistant Judge Josh King found probable cause for the murder charge.

The state intends to try Studie as an adult. She is to remain in a juvenile detention facility without bond. It is not known whether she is back in Craig County Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Vinita.

Studie is set to appear before Special District Judge Gary Huggins on Sept. 11 at 10 a.m. in Cherokee County District Court.

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