The Tahlequah Industrial Authority approved an amendment to change its name and increase the number of trustees during a Feb. 12 special meeting.

City attorney Grant Lloyd explained the changes were more than a housekeeping of some language. The suggested amendments he was tasked to put in the indenture included the number of board members from five to seven trustees, and residential requirements.

"It also broadens the residential requirement to allow for us to have members of this body, who are also members of the county and not just members of only the city," said Lloyd. "As long as you have a majority of your body that are still residents of the city of Tahlequah, then you're all right."

The amendment of the indenture also means Tahlequah Industrial Authority will change its name to Tahlequah Regional Development Authority.

"... Where this whole discussion got going is this group wanted to be broader than the idea of just an industrial authority," said Lloyd.

Discussion and possible action to approve recommendations on the Hay Bailing Lease for 2020.

Tahlequah Municipal Airport manager Kelly Crittenden made his recommendations and told the board he needed advanced notification before hay around the runway is cut. He said pilots need to be made aware there's equipment near the taxiway and runway.

"We're very happy with the way Mr. Rodney [Young] does his hay cutting and he's followed all the rules and hasn't torn anything up," said Crittenden. "We would like to see him get the lease again."

Mayor Sue Catron appointed new trustees Paula Mutzig and Randy Merciez, who were sworn in before the special meeting began. Trustee Jeff Reasor was absent from the meeting.

What's next

The next special meeting of the Tahlequah Regional Development Authority is at 5:30 p.m., Feb. 24 in the council chambers at City Hall, 111 S. Cherokee Ave.

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