Walgreens on South Muskogee Avenue was temporarily closed Thursday, July 9, and although employees confirmed the store was being "cleaned," they declined to specify why.

A sign posted on the front door Thursday the store was closed as employees continue to make safety their "No. 1 priority." Local residents quickly speculated the closure was due to sanitizing procedures related to COVID-19.

However, a Restoration-Water Damage Experts van was parked at the front of the store.

A Walgreens manager confirmed the store had been closed for cleaning, but wouldn’t say whether it was COVID-19 related or a simple water leak. But Jericka Gilbert, who called herself a photo lab specialist at the store, said on social media that an air conditioning unit malfunction was to blame.

"Thursday, Walgreens closed early due to an AC unit malfunction that caused multiple water leaks throughout the store. For your safety, they closed the store for repairs and cleaning," she wrote Friday. "They are now regular hours and repaired, clean, non-leaky. There are no employees with COVID. If you were here, you would have seen our spring of a ceiling, wreckage of a waiting area, and high-tech bucket and mop systems."

Calls to the corporate office were unanswered.

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