Two men allegedly offered to sell illegal narcotics to an off-duty deputy at Cherokee Casino Tahlequah.

On Nov. 30, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Andrew Dreadfulwater was contacted by off-duty Deputy Billy Sunday, who said two men had tried to sell him narcotics. Dreadfulwater met with two men, one of whom said his name was Ishreal Huntle. Sunday said Huntle gave him a straw that contained a white crystal substance.

Huntle said he didn't do anything wrong and that he had nothing illegal. He emptied his pockets on his own. The other man said he didn't have anything illegal on him and consented to a search, but nothing was found.

"Huntle then consented to a search and a glass pipe used to smoke methamphetamine was found in his right front pocket," Dreadfulwater said in the report. "He stated he didn't know that was illegal and forgot he had it."

According to the report, Huntle admitted he was the one who handed Sunday the "dope," but insisted he got it from the other man. During this time, Dreadfulwater was trying to confirm Huntle's identity with dispatchers. They said they couldn't find any record on the name given, and the deputy asked Huntle several times if the name was correct.

Huntle was arrested for possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of paraphernalia. The other man was released. Huntle was also charged with false impersonation after he came clean about who he was.

While on the way to jail, Huntle admitted to lying about his name, because he had a warrant, and that it was Mark Alan Crockett.

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