A Peggs man was shot and killed early Sunday morning after he allegedly assaulted two people.

On Sept. 8, Cherokee County Deputy Andrew Dreadfulwater was dispatched to N. 569 Road on a report of a shooting. According to Holly Buckhorn, 57-year-old Timothy Ragsdale was shot by James Mounce. Buckhorn said Mounce was there to pick up Rachel Conner, who had purportedly been assaulted by Ragsdale.

Mounce said the weapon, a 12-gauge shotgun, was lying near an ATV in the yard and that Ragsdale was the one who had been shot. Deputies said the victim was lying near the doorway of a trailer, and he was unresponsive.

Dreadfulwater had dispatch notify Cherokee County Undersheriff Jason Chennault, Capt. James Brown, and Investigators R. Berry, Bradly Baker and Derrick Grant. They, along with Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents, arrived on the scene.

As Dreadfulwater was checking out injuries on Conner, Mounce said both of his arms were broken and that he feared for his life.

“James also made the following statements: 'I shot one time,' 'I feared for my life,' 'He was going to kill me,' and 'He was going to kill us,'" Dreadfulwater reported.

Conner had a cut to her forehead, and cuts and scrapes on her feet and legs. She told deputies that Ragsdale had said he was going to kill her, and she told him to "do it already." She said she couldn’t remember what happened after that.

“What he told investigators is consistent with what we found at the scene,” said Chennault. “As far as the victim, Ragsdale – he assaulted and battered the woman who was there and Mounce. So what he is saying, as far as his getting beat up and the woman getting beat up, is consistent with the evidence we located.”

Mounce was arrested after he was cleared from the hospital and transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center for possession of a firearm after former conviction of a felony.

Cherokee County District Attorney Jack Thorp said Mounce has only been charged with possession of the firearm as of Monday, and he expects the final report to be turned into him by the end of the week.

“I have been briefed about the circumstances surrounding the shooting by the OSBI. At this time, based upon the briefing, I will not make a charging decision on the actual shooting until I have reviewed the final report,” said Thorp.

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