Travis Scroggins

A man who is wheel-chair-bound was arrested twice in two days.

Tahlequah Police Officer Justin Leatherwood was called to Highlander Laundry, where customers reported that a man was passed out in the road on July 13. Travis Scroggins, whose name has become known among officers, was asleep in the road with his wheelchair beside him. Leatherwood had to get him out of the road and arrested him for obstruction and vagrancy.

Two days later, Officer Cory Keele was called to the armory building on 100 N. Water St., where he met with employee Heather Torrento. She said that when she arrived to work, the building had been ransacked. Rolls of toilet paper were scattered throughout the building and one room had items thrown on the floor. Employees discovered that two video projectors and extension cords were missing and a door leading to the back alley was propped open.

When Keele watched the video footage, he saw a man in a wheelchair going through the building. He said Travis Scroggins can be seen moving from room to room and trashing offices.

“You can see where he took toilet paper from the bathroom and closet and put them on his wheelchair. The video also shows him opening boxes and throwing items,” said Keele.

Scroggins then went into the room where the two projectors and extension cord were, and is seen putting those items in his lap. Later that day, Officer Lane Cobb told Keele that he found Scroggins and he still had the missing items on him.

Scroggins was arrested for second-degree burglary and concealing stolen property. Additional charges were filed after he threatened officers at the Cherokee County Detention Center.