Students, Faculty and Staff,

In a unanimous vote by Northeastern State University’s Academic Deans, NSU has implemented the following policies for spring 2020 grading options that allow students to choose between the standard letter grades and a pass/no pass option. I believe this change is a positive approach to students transitioning to the online learning format.

NSU’s policies will follow the recent guidelines established by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and applies to courses that are currently in progress. Courses that ended before March 13 will be graded following previously established grading policies.

1. NSU faculty will assign letter grades for the Spring 2020 courses in progress. A grade of W will not be assigned unless a student has withdrawn from a course.

2. After grades are posted, students can elect to change from a standard letter grade for a Spring 2020 course to P/NP grading options.

Undergraduate students:

-Grades of A, B, C or D may be changed to a P

-Grade of F may be changed to an NP

Graduate students:

-Grades of A, B, C may be changed to a P

-Grades of D and F may be changed to an NP

*College of Optometry will adapt its grading policies appropriate to its programs

1. Once a student elects to change from a standard letter grade to P/NP, the student cannot later request the grade to be reversed to the original standard letter grade.

2. Students must submit the request for each class using the Grade Mode Change Request form no later than 11:59 P.M. on May 19, 2020. Requests submitted after the deadline cannot be considered due to state reporting requirements.

Please note the following:

Students should consider the possible implications of changing a grade to P/NP on graduate school applications or ongoing continuing education.

Grades of “P”, “NP”, “W”, and “AW” are grade neutral, but the credit hours associated with the course will count in hours attempted for retention. A grade of P will count in earned hours for graduation.

A letter grade of “F” is calculated into the GPA.

Before you decide to change to a pass/no pass option, we urge you to contact Financial Aid at Financial aid calculations for satisfactory academic progress (SAP) may result in a different outcome than your academic GPA. For questions concerning the impact of changing to P/NP on financial aid, please email

The NSU’s faculty and staff are committed to providing a quality educational experience and the services our students need to be successful in the online learning format. We believe the new grading policies give students some flexibility as they adjust to today’s new normal.

Dr. Debbie Landry

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

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