Tahlequah Mayor Sue Catron hopes the financial review of the city's financial records will be completed by the end of January.

In August, the City Council agreed to hire Arledge & Associates to conduct a forensic review and analyze financial records for fiscal year 2019-2020. Former City Finance Director Marcie Gilliam was hired for contract services, as well.

Catron said Arledge is using analytical tools to identify transactions to examine, and the firm will provide the city with a detailed report once the review is completed.

"The financial review is close to being wrapped up. I've got a phone call on schedule and then they'll be able to issue their report," Catron said.

Once the report is complete, then Crawford and Associates will be able to do the compilation, meaning they'll pool all the reports for the various entities in the city into one. At last, that combined report is the subject of the audit.

"The city audit can't begin until the compilation is done, and the compilation can't start until the review is final," said Catron.

The mayor anticipates having the compilation done by the end of January and the audit completed in February. She said she would have liked for the review to have been completed earlier, but there have been requests for additional documentation.

"We've had ongoing questions and they're asking for additional documentation regarding the review," said Catron. "There have pretty regularly been questions about specific transactions and asking for additional documentation."

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