OKMULGEE - The Muscogee Creek Indian Freedmen Band will host its next meeting at Greater New Faith Ministry, 1535 E. Sixth St. in Okmulgee, on Aug. 24, at 1 p.m.

Genealogy research assistance will be provided to those interested in tracing their roots to the Dawes Rolls. Bring family documents for better service.

The Creek Treaty of 1866 will be discussed, as well as the history of the Creek Freedmen.

This meeting is free of charge and is open to the general public.

Contact the MCIFB with questions or for information about becoming an official member or supporter.

Organizers have engaged with a candidate running for elected office for the Muscogee Creek Nation who has reached out in support of the Creek Freedmen and expressed an interest in attending the meeting.

For more information, contact mcifb@1866 creekfreedmen.com.

Others include Sharon Lenzy-Scott at 404-204-0023, or Jeffrey D. Kennedy, at 405-414-0366.

mcifb@1866creekfreedmen.com, or Sharon Lenzy-Scott at 405-204-0023, or Jeffrey D. Kennedy at 405-414-0366. Visit www.1866creekfreedmen.com.