New 539 area code being used by Cherokee Nation outpatient health center

All departments in the new Cherokee Nation outpatient health center now have a 539 area code.

The Cherokee Nation’s new outpatient health center on the W.W. Hastings campus has a new telephone area code.

All departments in the new facility now have a 539 area code, while departments remaining within the Hastings Hospital campus will continue to use the 918 area code.

The need for the new area code was prompted by a new phone system that will adequately meet the needs of the 469,000-square-foot outpatient health facility and allow for future growth. The new health center celebrated its grand opening on Nov. 14 and is the largest outpatient health center in the U.S. to be operated by a tribe.

“Our new phone numbers have a different area code than what our patients are familiar with and we want our patients to know if they receive a call from the 539 area code, it’s not necessarily a ‘spam’ call, but it might be a call from Cherokee Nation Health Services’ new phone system,” said W.W. Hasting Hospital CEO Brian Hail. “We are working with our phone provider to have a label that lets people know it is Cherokee Nation Health Services calling them.”

The following is a list of updated phone numbers for the new Cherokee Nation outpatient health center:

• Contract Health, 539-234-2500.

• Health Administration, 539-234-2700.

• Medical Records, 539-234-2200.

• Behavioral Health, 539-234-3500.

• Optometry, 539-234-3400.

• WIC, 539-234-3250.

• Primary Care, 539-234-4100.

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