New Grand View Band director ready to perform

Brian D. King | Daily Press

Alex Cobb, band director at Grand View School, is preparing for a concert on Dec. 10.

Alex Cobb is the new band director at Grand View School, but he is hardly new to the profession.

He has been teaching since 2012, and recently transferred from Stilwell. He has also taught in Fort Gibson and Salina.

"I was looking around for something close to home," said Cobb, which is why when the opportunity to come to the Tahlequah area arose, he jumped on it.

Cobb considers himself a native of "Green Country, Oklahoma," because as a child, he moved around the northeastern part of the state.

He attended schools in Wagoner, Fort Gibson, McAlester, and Vian, where he did most of high school. It was in Fort Gibson that he learned to play instruments.

"My mom played piano and sang. She played at church. I have been in love with music since before I was born. I have quite the ear for it. I started out in band at Fort Gibson," said Cobb. "There was a guy there named Gordon Macklin. He was my first band director. He was pumped up. I was hooked on it from him. From there, I stuck with it. I always loved any kind of music."

He plays guitar, bass guitar, piano, and trombone well, but he has picked up a lot of other instruments, including drums and various wind instruments. At Vian High School, he played the snare drum for their drumline, and he picked up the French horn during his junior and senior years of school.

"I decided to be an all-American musician," he said. "It was a good thing that I did it. I didn't know that I'd be teaching. After I started, the first couple years, I picked up flutes and clarinets. I can play and read music at a decent pace."

At Grand View School, all students are required to take band during their fifth- and sixth-grade years. For seventh and eighth grade, band is optional. Currently, he has two bands: the fifth- and sixth-graders in one, and the seventh- and eighth-graders who perform in the advanced band.

The students were not allowed to play in the band last year due to COVID-19, so for many students, this is their first time playing an instrument.

The two Grand View bands are preparing for a Dec. 10 concert. They still have not determined a time or a location yet, but the students are excited to perform.

"We want to do something off campus, but I'm not sure," said Cobb. "We'll have a few songs, but it won't be anything extravagant. We'll have a few songs we'll play."

The concert will be free to the public, but donations will be accepted and will go to the band program. They are currently working on fundraisers and are selling Blue and Gold sausage.

"It's a company out of Jones, Oklahoma. They have sticks of sausage, bacon, and chicken," he said.

For information on how to donate to the band, email

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