New movie, video releases stave off cabin fever

Grant D. Crawford | Daily Press

Kyyrin Johnson checks out a customer at Game X Change in Tahlequah.

Frigid temperatures are not necessarily conducive to outdoor activities, so for folks who want to stay indoors this holiday season, popping some popcorn and turning on a movie or video game console might alleviate cabin fever.

Some film buffs like to see a new movie on the big screen, and Green Country Cinemas began airing one this week called "Knives Out," starring Daniel Craig. It's rated PG-13.

"Christopher Plummer plays a patriarch of a wealthy family in the south and he's murdered in the middle of the night," said Alexander Rice, of Green Country Cinemas. "Investigators come in and they bring in Daniel Craig; he's the special investigator. It's kind of a comedy-drama. It's meant to be funny."

Once December hits, the local theater will offer two big movies that are expected to garner a significant amount of traffic. Dec. 13, "Jumanji: The Next Level," will come out and is rated PG-13. It is the sequel to the previous "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle."

"The last one was very popular," said Rice. "It came out around the same time and we were still selling out in our small theater - that's about 80 people - until mid-January."

What is likely to be a monster hit in box offices across the country, "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker," will be released in Tahlequah Dec. 20. It is the third installment of the "Star Wars" sequel trilogy, and fans of the series are sure to attend the premiere in droves.

For people who prefer to watch movies on their own TVs, Family Video in Tahlequah is always releasing new films for rent. It just recently stocked its shelves with the films "Angel Has Fallen," third installment in the "Fallen" series following "Olympus Has Fallen" and "London Has Fallen"; and "Mary," a horror film that follows a family sailing in isolated waters.

"Those are really the only big moves we've had come out," said Kailey Harger, of Family Video. "I do know next month we have bigger Christmas movies coming out for the holiday season versus these next few weeks. We just won't have our direct list until this weekend. We just put out our last November movies last night, so we'll have more information early next week."

With downtime away from school and work, thumbs will be in continuous use for those who enjoy a good video game. The Nintendo Switch has become one of the most popular consoles lately, and a new Pokémon was recently released for it.

"There's always 'Pokémon Sword and Shield' for the Switch that just came out, and it's really, really good," said Kyyrin Johnson, of Game X Change in Tahlequah. "It's fun for the kids, especially if you want to get them into Pokémon; it's really easy for them to get into it."

One of the most popular recent video game franchises released a new first-person shooter game this year. "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" came out in October, and it's a reboot of the games original "Modern Warfare" subseries.

"There is also 'The Outer Worlds,' which just came out," said Johnson. "It's made by the company Obsidian, and that's the company that made 'Fallout: New Vegas.' It's really, really good. It's got a fresh feel to it. Yuu're in space and it's really colorful. It has a lot of really good character interaction and growth, so it's a fun game if you like that kind."

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