NHS expands ICU capacity

NHS has stepped up its ICU.

Northeastern Health System has upgraded its intensive care unit monitoring systems with the purchase of 28 new bedside monitoring devices and 48 new telemetry transmitters.

The capital investment grants NHS the ability to expand the ICU and progressive care unit with the addition of 14 beds, for a total of 20 ICU beds, and eight new progressive care beds.

A bedside monitor reads and displays a patient's physiological functions giving nurses and doctors instant critical care information.

"NHS strives for unsurpassed excellence in health care. The upgrade and expansion of the patient monitoring system will provide the patient with even more peace of mind while hospitalized," said Cari Felts, assistant vice president of clinical nursing.

The addition of 12 new telemetry transmitters, which transmit a patient's cardiac rhythm and oxygen saturation rate at bedside, increased the hospital's cardiac telemetry capacity to 48 beds.

NHS has incorporated a new Central Telemetry Monitoring Department staffed with experienced technicians, who will view and transfer information to nurses.

This state-of-the-art monitoring system utilizes a software program that allows technicians to communicate directly with the nurses, in real time, via their Ascom phones.

The medical staff use this diagnostic tool to determine a patient's vital signs.

The new system integrates with NHS's Electronic Medical Records software.

"The advancement of the patient monitoring system gives our health care staff one more tool in their medical tool belt to provide the best care possible to our patients at Northeastern Health System," said Donna Dallis, vice president of patient care.

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