BROKEN ARROW -- The Parkinson Voice Project has awarded the 2021 Speak out! & Loud Crowd grant to the Northeastern State University's Broken Arrow speech-language pathology clinic.

Tina Bolton-Linn, clinical supervisor and assistant clinic director for the NSU speech-language program, said that this grant money has been used to train a supervisor and graduate students to better equip the Broken Arrow clinic.

"Our hope is to reach out to those in the community who have Parkinson's disease to let them know of our voice program. The BA clinic offers additional therapy at no cost, or therapy services during times of gaps in insurance coverage for the community," Bolton-Linn said.

Bolton-Linn also said there are plans to apply for the same grant in January to create similar training programs at the Tahlequah and Muskogee speech clinics.

This grant program honors Daniel R. Boone, Ph.D., CCC-SLP a world-renowned speech-language pathologist and voice expert who recognized in the late 1950s that individuals with Parkinson's could improve their communication by "speaking with intent." Parkinson Voice Project's program combines individual and group therapy to convert speech from an automatic function to an intentional act.

Bolton-Linn looks forward to continuing the critical work of helping people "find their voices" through the NSU speech-language programs.

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About Parkinson Voice Project:

The Parkinson Voice Project is the only 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the world solely dedicated to helping individuals with Parkinson's improve their speech and swallowing. The organization runs a speech therapy clinic in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and hosts the World's Largest Parkinson's Chorus.

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