BROKEN ARROW – A four-part Crime Scene Investigator Certificate Program will be offered online and at Northeastern State University Broken Arrow through the NSU Continuing Education department.

Designed for current law enforcement officers who would like to further develop their understanding, skills and expertise as it relates to crime scene investigation, program courses will be taught by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents and other approved law enforcement personnel.

CSI I on Jan 25-28 will provide an overview and theory of CSI, crime scene management, legal considerations of CSI, crime scene search patterns, collection and packaging of evidence, latent print processing, crime scene sketching and diagramming.

CSI II on Feb. 22-25 will discuss DNA, body as a crime scene, wound recognition, fire scene investigation and crime scene photography.

CSI III on March 29-April 1 will cover bloodstain pattern analysis and trajectory analysis.

CSI IV on April 26-29 will explore processing of mock crime scene using learned practices, completing crime scene report and moot court.

After completion of all four CSI levels, participants will obtain a Crime Scene Investigator Certificate from NSU and the OSBI.

This program is for law enforcement officers only. For more information, or to register for this course, visit

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