Northeastern State University’s TRIO Student Support Services grant has been refunded for $1.7 million over the next five years. The program has been on NSU’s campus for over 27 years.

TRIO SSS is an academic support program federally funded through a grant from the Department of Education, designed to increase academic performance, retention rates and graduation rates of 175 program participants.

This program offers academic advising, financial aid counseling, career major counseling, personal support, one-on-one tutoring, academic support programs, computer training and social cultural activities.

Lena Deere, TRIO SSS director, said the program allows for creative life skill lessons.

“We have a program called Cash Course, where students learn about budgeting, loans, interest rates and things like that to help with money management while in college,” said Deere.

Social cultural activities include treks to museums, the ballet or opera, as well as virtual field trips, such as the Grand Canyon. Cultural field trips give students opportunities they normally would not have the chance to experience.

“We’re there for them with a listening ear,” said Deere. “Sometimes they’re stressed out or get overwhelmed and they come in to talk to us. It’s almost like coming home when coming to campus, knowing we’re here.”

For students to qualify, they must be first generation, low income or have a documented disability and have academic need.

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