Tahlequah Police Department officers arrested a naked man after he was found sleeping in a dog bed.

On April 23, Officer Cory Keele was dispatched to Kaufman Avenue on a report of a nude man inside the caller’s garage. Dispatch advised the caller had the man held at gunpoint. The disrobed intruder, Matthew Murray, allegedly told the homeowner to go ahead and shoot him.

“Sgt. Shawn Presley was on scene and escorting a male subject out of the driveway,” Keele wrote in his police report. “The male subject was incoherent and was trying to pull away from us.”

Murray was placed in the back of an officer’s patrol vehicle as they investigated the incident.

Austin Patton explained that he went out to his garage and found a naked Murray asleep in his dog’s bed. Patton said the garage was in disarray and several items were scattered on the floor.

“When I entered the garage, I saw a Cherokee Nation identification with the name of Robert Vance on it. Patton stated that the identification [belonged] to someone he did not know,” said Keele.

Keele believed a separate crime had occurred at another location and asked dispatch to reach out to Cherokee Nation for Vance’s contact information.

“Dispatch advised me that they made contact with Robert Vance, who lived on Dogwood Drive [and] advised that his vehicle had been broken into. [Vance] was missing his keys, Cherokee Nation identification, and a phone charger,” said Keele.

Vance said he walked out to his vehicle to find the door wide open, and his possessions were scattered in the front and back yards.

“After taking his statement, I went to the area to drive around, looking for other crime scenes,” Keele said. “While in the area, Vance flagged me down, stating that his son’s bicycle was stolen and he found it lying in the front yard [nearby]. Vance stated that he also noticed his phone charger wrapped up in the bicycle’s front tires.”

Dispatch told Keele that someone in the Dogwood neighborhood had called and wanted to file a burglary report.

“I went to the scene and made contact with the resident, Robert Christie. Christie stated that whoever broke into his shed stacked up items all over his yard and [his] neighbor’s yard. I advised Christie that it was the same incident that happened at two other locations and we had arrested a suspect,” Keele said.

Keele was walking back to his patrol unit when he noticed a toolbox leaning up against Christie’s mailbox. Christie claimed the toolbox didn’t belong to him, and that he found a flashlight near his shed that didn’t belong to him.

Murray was transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked for first-degree burglary, second-degree burglary, and knowingly concealing stolen property.

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