Officers recovered loaded firearms, meth, marijuana, and pills after a man crashed his vehicle during a pursuit.

On June 1, Tahlequah Police Sgt. Justin Leatherwood was dispatched to Bliss Avenue on a report of a suspicious vehicle parked outside of a residence that had been burglarized several times.

Leatherwood arrived to the residence to find a black Honda parked out in front.

"I activated my emergency lights and exited my patrol car. I quickly approached the vehicle and I could see one occupant in the driver seat," Leatherwood wrote in his police report.

The officer was announcing himself when the vehicle began driving backward toward him. Leatherwood drew his firearm and told the driver to stop.

"I entered my unit and called out to dispatch on the mobile radio that I was in pursuit of a black Honda car. We traveled northbound reaching speeds of 100 mph," said Leatherwood.

The suspects, Race Hall and James Michael Osburn, had no regard for the safety of other drivers, and almost crashed into Cherokee County Sheriff's Lt. Jarrod Rye.

"The next curve was a left curve and the suspect vehicle was traveling too fast to negotiate it. [The driver] lost control and departed the roadway driving through a yard, striking a chain-link fence and a utility box before reentering the roadway," said Leatherwood.

The driver continued to depart the road several times before crashing into a culvert. Leatherwood ran toward the vehicle with his firearm drawn and saw both men trying to get out of the car.

"I held the driver down and the passenger at gunpoint until the next unit arrived. Lt. Rye arrived and ran to the passenger and placed him in hand restraints," Leatherwood said.

Lt. Dexter Scott approached the vehicle and found a loaded 9mm handgun lying on the ground between Leatherwood and the car.

"Lt. Scott located another handgun in the backseat and narcotics in the front of the vehicle. The second handgun was in the backseat where Hall was located," said Leatherwood.

The gun was a loaded Intratec .25 caliber semi-automatic. There was close to seven grams of methamphetamine, over four grams of marijuana, and two Hydrocodone pills found inside the vehicle.

"There were also 23 new red baggies and two new clear baggies matching the multiple types of narcotics located, and a working set of scales with residue all over it," said Leatherwood.

Osburn and Hall were felons in possession of a firearm.

They were transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked.

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