Oklahoma offers an array of more than 400 tax breaks. Many offer relief to many taxpayers. The non-profit journalism corporation Oklahoma Watch checked 24 incentives that are industry specific.

The 24 tax breaks amount to $759,597,792 of lost revenue in 2014 - up from $355,559,271 in 2010.

Gross production tax credits for horizontally drilled wells accounted for $362,957,000 of the cuts, and was an increase of about 350 percent for 2010. The business income tax credit for investment and new jobs amounted to $94,792,000 in 2014, up from $28,497,000 in 2010.

During the same span, subsidy for Oklahoma's Quality Jobs Program rose from $54,011,640 to $82,333,958.

A table listing the incentives, types of credit and changes in cost between 2010 and 2014 is at http://oklahomawatch.org/2014/11/13/business-tax-breaks/

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