Sparrow Hawk Village, established in 1981 by Rev. Carol E. Parrish-Harra, her husband Charles, and several students and colleagues, consisted of about 50 homes dotting the hilltop and valley among office buildings, classrooms, a metaphysical library, a wellness center, a bookstore, a gift shop, and Light of Christ Community Church.

Residents delight in sharing the setting and our ideas. The seminary was open to those seeking personal growth or a variety of certifications. The seminary also offered master and doctoral degrees and preparation for endorsed ordination.

The seminary officially closed its doors in October 2012 and the board of directors voted at the end of December that year to repurpose it into a retreat and conference center for personal and group use.

This intentional spiritual community is nestled among 440 acres of gently rolling Ozark forest filled with abundant wildlife and natural, serene beauty. A central water system supplied from deep wells, clean air, organic community gardens, orchards, horse pastures, hiking trails, springs, a waterfall, and over a mile of river frontage, bordered by 700 acres of primitive state forest, significantly adds to the villagers’ quality of life.

Sparrow Hawk Village is open to members of all faiths. While many villagers are esoteric Christian, members of various Western arid Eastern practices also reside there, which create a diverse spiritual experience. Residents are involved in the healing arts, music, counseling, dowsing, aura photography, teaching, meditating, spiritual dance, and esoteric studies. This is a place of growth. Energy vortexes here accelerate personal and interpersonal evolution.

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