Though there has been a spate of business closings in Tahlequah in recent months, the cause does not appear to be due to the business climate. Recent figures indicate unemployment has decreased and the population has increased. It also seems there is affordable manpower in the city. With a regional university within the city limits, many of Tahlequah’s workforce statistics suggest a young workforce.

Median age: 27.8 years. Oklahoma’s median age is 37.

Average annual income per individual (2012): $16,122.

Average household income (2012): $27,038. The average for Oklahoma is $44,312.

In Tahlequah, a plurality of the population - 41 percent - has never married.

The city also has an educated workforce. Nearly 86 percent have a high school diploma, 32 percent hold an undergraduate degree and 14 percent have earned graduate degrees.

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