The city treasurer admitted he hasn't done his job when he was questioned by other officials about municipal finances during the Jan 22 Tahlequah City Council meeting.

Interim Administrator Alan Chapman planned on a discussion or presentation related to the city's financial situation, and he made it clear that this was Lanny Williams' responsibility.

"This should be part of the financial considerations in each and every monthly meeting, and this is something that the city treasurer should provide," said Chapman.

When Chapman said he would like to hear what Williams had to say about the city's financial conditions, Williams said he hadn't had time to look at what Chapman had prepared.

Ward 4 Councilor Trae Ratliff and Ward 1 Councilor Bree Long questioned Williams and what his role is for the city. Ratliff said Williams has not been around, and instead has had others step into his role.

"In our codes and ordinances, there's a whole section regarding the responsibility of the treasurer to provide, on a monthly basis, the basic financial information for the council to review," said Chapman.

Ratliff said he sympathized with Williams and the fact that he had conflict with the previous administration. But Ratliff added that since things have "rolled," he thought that the situation would have changed.

"It's changed, but I haven't got a firm grasp on what we've got right now," said Williams. "It was so convoluted before that I couldn't make a statement on it, and I still haven't seen everything I need to see to pronounce that everything is presented in a fair and balanced statement."

The City Council approved changes regarding the procedures and testing of the outdoor warning sirens.

Cherokee County Emergency Management Director Mike Underwood said he tried to bring this matter to the board with the past administration, but he felt that some people didn't want to "burden themselves" with his department.

Tahlequah residents voiced their frustrations and concerns after they said they couldn't hear the sirens blowing on Jan. 10. The sirens sounded just shortly before 3 p.m., indicating a tornado was on the ground and that residents of Tahlequah and the surrounding areas needed to seek shelter immediately.

Underwood said he experienced technical difficulties when he first activated the sirens from his office. However, he was able to get them up and running from his work truck.

There are 12 outdoor warning sirens in the city of Tahlequah, and Underwood said he plans to test each and every one of them every second Saturday. With the item being passed, he said he would provide more information to the public on the new procedure.

The board gave its nod to appoint new trustees to the Tahlequah Industrial Authority Board. Mayor Sue Catron appointed Paula Mutzig and Randy Merciez to the board.

They will replace trustees Josh Hutchins and Anna Knight.

Councilors voiced their continued support for construction of the Veterans Memorial. Catron said there was a request to allow the lighting to hook into a city meter.

"[TPWA General Manager Mike] Doublehead tells me that the actual electric use for the light that would be on the flag would be less than $5 per month, so $60 per year," said Catron. "We need to confirm if that is acceptable."

What's next

The next Tahlequah City Council meeting is Feb. 3 at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at City Hall.

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