NORMAN – The University of Oklahoma announced has announced the Norman campus honor rolls for the 2019-2020 academic year.

A total of 8,615 students were named to the fall 2019 honor roll, and 8,707 were named to the spring 2020 honor roll. Of these students, 3,396 were named to the fall 2019 President’s Honor Roll and 4,485 were on the spring 2020 President’s Honor Roll for earning an “A” grade in all their classes.

The following area students are on the lists; those with an asterisk are on the president's roll.

Fall Honor Rolls

Fort Gibson: Reagan Edwards*, Ashlyn Frix*, and Reanna Nichols.

Hulbert: Caleb Moss, Dillion Doss.

Kansas: Kaylyn Edwards*.

Rose: Baley Wells.

Stilwell: Alec Delapena*, Alexa Fuson*, Rebecca Radtke*, Dakota St. Pierre*, Erika Vanderheiden*, Nathan Vanderheiden.

Tahlequah: Amanda Boyd, Nicholas Buscemi, Seth Campbell, Denanne Venise Dela Paz, Emma Doss, Benjamin Feldbauer, Zane Marzullo, Jolie Morgan, and Amanda Murek.

Watts: Scott Huggins

Spring Honor Rolls

Fort Gibson: Reanna Nichols, Brooklyn Gleissner*.

Hulbert: Dillon Doss.

Stilwell: Mackenna Crittenden, Alec Delapena*, Alexa Fuson*, Rebecca Radtke*, Dakota St. Pierre*, Erika Vanderheiden*, and NathanVanderheiden.

Tahlequah: Hallee Baker*, Brandon Berry*, Amanda Boyd, Seth Campbell*, Deanne Venise Dela Paz, Emma Doss*, Emily Elliott, Emerald Goingsnake*, Zane Marzullo, Jolie Morgan*, Amanda Murek, Luke Phillips, Brady Thornton*, and Cheyenne Titsworth*.

Watts: Scott Huggins.

Editor's note: The Daily Press apologizes if any students were inadvertently omitted. The honor rolls were provided in such a condition that it took our staff several hours of searching to find local names, and some could have easily been missed. Parents should let us know if their students were left off, and perhaps call the university to see if a more user-friendly list is available.

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