Peggs School SWAT

Peggs Public School Student Wellness Action Team includes, front row from left: Bodie Smith and Jessica Williams. Back row: Chloe Silka, Eliana Auguston, Jessica Hernandez, and Tehya Forrest.

On Nov. 19, the Peggs Public School Student Wellness Action Team posted nutrition posters in the cafeteria prior to Thanksgiving lunch with their families. The students wanted to promote good nutrition information to their parents and grandparents, especially during the holidays.

The dinner was held on Nov. 21 and over 430 people were served. The parents and grandparents noticed the posters and commented that they needed to create healthier habits for their kids and families.

Students also handmade some posters which had sayings regarding healthy choices including: Gobble up nutrition this holiday season, Leaf your worries behind, Rake up some healthy habits, Don't gobble till you wobble, and Don't be a turkey, gobble up those veggies.

For information on healthy habits for the holiday season, visit

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